Membership Information

Thank you for your interest in joining The Clan Moncreiffe Society


Here is some information about membership:


1.   Who may join?  Anyone who can claim ancestry tracing back to Moncreiffe, or one of its many spellings, may join as a member of CMS.


2.  What if I am not a Moncreiffe, can I still join?  Yes, you may join as an associate member of CMS and gain rights and privileges thereof.


3.  What are the dues?  Dues are $25 per annum for members and associate members.


4.  How does my membership dues benefit the society?  We are a non-profit organization.  Your dues go to support clan tents at games, preserving Moncreiffe artifacts and information, and promoting the continuation of our name, history, and familial ties.


5.  What do I get with my membership?  Membership with CMS gives you:


·         At least three newsletters a year with information related to Moncreiffes, Scotland and Celtic history


·         You gain access to our genealogist and our wealth of genealogy records specific to Moncreiffe.  You will receive information on your genealogy and help in plugging any holes in your genealogy


·         You receive discounted prices on all CMS merchandise by 20%


·         Access to CMS events and activities such as our clan tents and trips to Scotland