The Society

Welcome to the official Clan Moncreiffe Society website.  Our community exists for those who bear the name Moncrief, families, or their descendants and friends. 
We hope to cultivate a spirit of kinship, to collect genealogical records, and to provide a gathering place at the various Highland Gatherings.
We extend an invitation to join us and share in our friendship and fellowship.


The Clan Moncreiffe Society of North America (CMSNA) is a registered member of the Scottish Clan Society.  Beginning in October 1998 at the Stone Mountain Highland Games in Atlanta, Georgia, the Society was organized by Ernest V. Moncrieff, II.  Bylaws were established and officers were elected.

above: Chief Peregrine Moncreiffe and founding President Ernest Moncrieff, II.

Clan Moncreiffe Society of North America was welcomed with these words from the Chief:

January 4, 1999
Dear Ernest,
Congratulations on your achievement in establishing our clan Society in North America.  I know the enormous effort you put into this endeavour and and I look forward to seeing you and our extended family frequently in the future.  As you know I have spent much of my career in North American and have always enjoyed the vibrancy of the Scots-American communities.  I am sure that our North American Society will inject new vigour into the Clan's affairs here and throughout the world.
Please extend my best wishes to all member of the Clan Society.
Peregrine Moncreiffe of that Ilk,


The organization's name was changed in 2007 at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and shortened to Clan Moncreiffe Society (CMS).

CMS is currently under the direction of President Robert V. Dawes, of Naples, Florida.


above: President Robert Dawes

Several known septs/spellings of the name are recognized including Moncreiffe, Moncreiff, Moncrief, Moncrieffe, Montcrieff, Muncrief, and Scott-Moncriefs.


Gaelic name: Monadh Craoibhe (Hill of the Sacred Bough)

Motto: Sur Esperance (Upon Hope)

Lands: Perthshire


Badge:  Oak  

Membership from anyone with ties to the name is encouraged.  Individuals seeking membership should:

1) complete the Membership Application

2) submit the fee for the type of membership desired, and

3) include an Ancestral Chart listing as many known ancestors as possible

For more information regarding membership, please contact any Society Officer.