• Welcome to the official Clan Moncreiffe Society website. Our community exists for those who bear the name Moncrief, families, or their descendants and friends. We hope to cultivate a spirit of kinship, to collect genealogical records, and to provide a gathering place at the various Highland Gatherings. We extend an invitation to join us and share in our friendship and fellowship.

    TO:                  Robert Dawes, President
    Clan Moncreiffe Society, Inc. (CMS)
    FROM:           Aubrey Moncrief, Pat Moran, Mark Smith
                            CMS Nominating Committee
    DATE:            August 25, 2016
    SUBJECT:     Report of the Nominating Committee
    At the October 16, 2015, Annual General Meeting, the President appointed Aubrey Moncrief, Pat Moran, and Mark Smith to serve as the Nominating Committee pursuant to Article XII of this Society’s By-Laws and to  prepare nominations for offices to be elected in 2016.  As specified by those By-Laws, this Committee has sought volunteers from the eligible membership and contacted candidates to determine their willingness to serve.  The work of this Committee is now concluded with submission of this report transmitting the following slate of names constituting the nominees for each office to be elected at the Annual General Meeting on October 14, 2016:
                President                   Bill Tew
                Vice President          Mike Moncrief
                Secretary                   Randall Moncrief
                Treasurer                   Charlotte Moncrief
    In accordance with the By-Laws, this Report is to be made known, and the Ballot Form is to be sent or posted on the Society’s website, for twenty (20) days up to and including the date of the election.
    This Committee thanks the President, Council, and membership for being given this opportunity to serve.


    Clan Moncreiffe Society, Inc.

    Election Ballot Form

    October 14, 2016


    Office Nominee Yes No
    President Bill Tew    
    Vice-President Mike Moncrief    
    Secretary Randall Moncrief    
    Treasurer Charlotte Moncrief    


    44th Annual Stone Mountain Highland Games in Stone Mountain, GA - October 14 - 16.  CMS Annual General Meeting on on October 14th.  Reserve your room at the Hampton Inn with our discounted rate.  Contact Rob at Sgiandhu@aol.com to get information.


    We're coming to St. Louis!  For the first time ever CMS will have a tent at the St. Louis Highland Games on September 23rd and 24th.  You can follow the games link to find out more information about the games.  Stop by and say hello to your commissioner - Greg Moncrief.  www.stlouis-scottishgames.com


    This is a notice to all members -

    We are looking to amend the bylaws under Article XII number 7 which reads, "Candidates shall be elected by a simple majority of those members present at the Annual General Meeting."  The amended version would read, "Candidates shall be elected by a simple majority of the ballots cast."  Rationale:  The current version is in conflict with Article XII number 5, this clears up the voting process.  You can see the entire CMS Bylaws on this website under "about us."

     Please email Rob Dawes at Sgiandhu@aol.com if you have any questions.  We will vote on the amendment on Saturday, November 14th.

    Posted:  October 19, 2015


    The updated video from the CMS trip to Scotland this past summer is up, please follow this link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ui8JHa_9IO8