Ligonier Highland Games


September 19 - 20, 2020

Ligonier Highland Games

Idlewild Park

2574 US-30

Ligonier PA

Hosted by Virginia Commissioner - Bobby Moncrief

Tickets are $2 off in advance

prices are $18/Adult on Sat., $8 for kids

Brief Info About the Games


These are a smaller games with vendors and activities.  The clan tents are in there own section so you can tour those at ease. 

There are games on the parade field most of the day, even a rugby match on Sunday. Near by is most of the food and item vendors.

Take a stroll through the park, some of the rides are open.  Saturday around noon they do a parade of clans on the parade field.  (Donte Moncrief, WR now is in Pittsburgh, people did cheer the name recognition)

This is a really neat intimate games (and Clan Hay and Clan Murray have welcomed us with open arms)  come out and enjoy!

e local high school (Winter Springs High School)