Why do genealogy?

Learning how we connect to our Scottish ancestors is one of the many benefits of joining the Clan Moncreiffe Society. Tracing our family history gives context to the places and historic events that have brought us to where and what we are today. Genealogy provides the road map that connects us to each other and our past.

When applying for membership, you are asked to include an ancestry chart that demonstrates your connection to the Moncreiffe line (or Moncrief, Moncrieff, MonCrief, etc.). For many this may take a single page covering a couple of generations. For others, the most recent Moncreiffe ancestor may have lived several centuries ago. Regardless of your surname, your ancestry determines your eligibility for a full membership in our Society.

The Moncreiffe Family Tree

On receipt of your application, the data from your ancestry chart is entered in the Clan Moncreiffe Society Family Tree by the Clan Genealogist. This database contains over 18,000 individuals, including records from Moncreiffe genealogy publications, as well as contributions from the members of our Society. Usually a new applicant is quickly matched with families already part of the Tree. If no match is found, the Genealogist will research your family history using multiple on-line databases, including federal census records in the United States to help establish and document your connections.  The Family Tree is regularly synced with the Clan Moncreiffe Society Family Tree on This is maintained as a private family tree, not viewable by other members or the general public. Access to this Tree is available only to current Clan Moncreiffe Society members. Any member interested in viewing the tree should send an email request to the Clan Genealogist and an invitation will be provided through Paid membership in is not required to access our Family Tree.

Moncreiffe Genealogy Resources

The Moncreiffs and the Moncreiffes: A History of the Family of Moncreiff of That Ilk and Its Collateral Branches (2 Volume Set). 1929.  By Frederick Moncreiff and William Moncreiffe. A comprehensive history of the Moncreiffe family and its Clan Chiefs. eBook not currently available. Look ups available upon request to the Clan Genealogist.

The House of Moncrieff. 1890. By George Seton. An earlier comprehensive history of the Moncreiffe family. The 1929 book listed above sought to correct errors and expand on the research presented here. eBook available on Electric Scotland:

The Saga of a Yoeman. 1981. By Hayward Allen Moncrief. A privately published history of the Moncriefs of central Georgia, USA. No eBook available. Hard copy available at the University of Georgia Special Collections Library, Georgia Room CS71.M734 1981.

Moncrief: From the Scottish Highlands to the Nebraska Prairie. 1980. By Laura Moncrief Lee. A privately published account of the family of William Moncrief who came to America from Scotland in 1764 to settle in Salem, New York. Look ups available upon request to the Clan Genealogist. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m interested in joining the Clan Moncreiffe Society but don’t have all the information asked for on the ancestry chart. Can anyone help me?  

Sure! Contact the Clan Genealogist and provide as much information as you can on your parents and grandparents. Names, places and dates for births, deaths and marriages are the most useful. We can then search our records and to help find the missing information for you.

I’ve forgotten how to access the Clan Moncreiffe Society Family Tree on How can I regain access? 

Just contact the Clan Genealogist, provide your email address, and ask to be re-invited.

I’ve got lots of family information that doesn’t appear in the Family Tree. How can I add it?  

Send the information to the Clan Genealogist and it will be verified and added to the Tree. If you can send the data as a Family Tree Maker (ftm) file or GEDCOM file, this can be accomplished with a merge that saves lots of keystrokes.

I am an Associate member with no family connection to the Moncreiffes. Can you help me find my family?  

We’ll be glad to do what we can. Send us a completed ancestry chart and we’ll get you started.

To connect with the genealogist please use the form below

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