Sword Award


Sword Award

Annual award for servics, participation, and loyalty to the Clan Moncreiffe Society, Inc.

Originated in October, 2001 when the Hon. Rhoderick H.W. Moncreiff attended the Stone Mountain Highland Games in Atlanta, Georgia.  Lord Moncreiff purchased the sword at the games and made the first presentation.  He asked the CMS Council to designate a winner of this award each year thereafter.  The Sword Award now stays with the society and each recipient receives a plaque to display at home. 

Sword Award Recipients

2001 Robert Dawes

2002 Charlotte Moncrief

2003 Ernest V. Moncrieff II

2004 Ernest V. Moncreiff III

2005 - no recipient -

2006 Lawrence Moncrief

2007 Michael W. Moncrief

2008 Mark Oliver Moncrief

2009 Rachel Moncrief Perkins

2010 Kim Smith

2011 Rachel Dawes

2012 Audrey Moncrieff

2013 Randall S. Moncrief

2014 Ian Smith

2015 Susie Moncrief

2016 Alicia MonCrief

2017 Juli Moncrief

2018 Thomas G. Moncrief

2019 Jacob and Kelly Moncrief