Moncreiffe Name

There are many different spellings that are associated with Clan Moncreiffe including, but not limited to:  Moncreiffe, Moncreiff, Moncreif, Moncrieffe, Moncrieff, Moncrief, Mon Crief, Montcrief, Scott-Moncreiff.  Please contact us if you believe that your spelling is associated with Moncreiffe.  We will use the name "Moncreiffe" when referencing all septs of this name below.  

Regular Member

You do not have to currently have the surname of "Moncreiffe" to become a member, only to be descended from a Moncreiffe in order to be eligible as regular  member.  

Associate Member

Associate memberships are available for those applicants who have shown a specific interest and/or service with Clan Moncreiffe.  An associate member would have to be sponsored by a regular member.

How to join?

You can download the membership application and ancestral chart at the bottom of the page.  That has the information that we need along with payment and mailing instructions.  If you have other specific questions for our membership chairman then please use the contact form below.

Contact the Membership Chairman

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Better yet, see us in person!

Come to one of the Highland Games or Scottish Festivals that we attend.  You can find those listed on this webpage under the events tab.